Nomad Safaris

Take a personalised adventure tours to the NZ backcountry. The award-winning Safari of the Scenes will capture the heart of the most avid Lord of the Rings fans as expert guides will explore with you spectacular filming locations.
Take historical adventure trips to the old abandoned gold mining towns of Skippers Canyon and Macetown. Travel the rugged road and experience true off roading as you explore the pioneer trails with tours guided by the professional adventurers!

Nomad Quad Safaris is the perfect adventure activity for those looking to see the spectacular panoramic views of the Queenstown area whilst riding 400cc fully automatic ATVs.

For an extra special occasion, book one of the Private Collection Safaris. The Private Collection offers the complete Nomad Safaris experience with a hint of opulence. Your personal guide will take you on a tailored trip in one of our late model Range Rovers.

The range of tour options at Nomad Safaris makes it one of the "things to do" in Queenstown.